What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cardano / ada (₳) for our CardanoMonsters NFTs. We also accept CardanoMonsters Coins (CMCs) inside of our Rewards Store, redeemable towards merchandise such as Stickers, Bottles, Physical Trading Card Packs + More!

Where can I purchase cardano / ada?

Cardano / ADA can be purchased through most major cryptocurrency brokers / exchanges. Two exchanges that are usually recommended by our users include Binance & Coinbase. We have left our links to these platforms below; using our referral links is a great way to support us at no additional cost to yourself. Binance: Click Here! Coinbase: Click Here!

when will i receive my cardanomonsters nft?

We will typically deliver nfts within 15 minutes, but can take up to 24 hours in rare cases (i.e. network maintenance, upgrades, etc.)

Help! It's been 24 hours and I have not received my NFT.

Don't Panic, we are here for you! Send us your TxID and receiving address for verification. We will re-mint / resend the NFT or refund you if it is no longer available / mintable. BONUS: As this is an extremely rare event, we will send you A bonus NFT 24 Hours after we have confirmed that your initial purchase was successfully received.

WOOHOO! i have won the legendary card auction! why do you need to verify my address?

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! To answer your question - as the winner of a legendary card you have won many more items along with it, such as: - An enlarged poster of your Legendary Card, encased in plastic / resin - An instant upgrade of your Discord Level to "CardanoMonsters OG" (Comes with 4 x Free NFTs Yearly at Minimum, a ₳120+ Value) - The first set of physical cards of that Set and the only set of cards to come with your legendary card. - A thank you note, signed by us personally. - BONUS: A Brand New Ledger Nano S We verify your address so that we are able to ensure these items are delivered to you via Priority Mail at the earliest available date.

are cardanomonsters nfts physical trading cards?

CardanoMonsters NFTs Digital Trading Cards that come with CardanoMonsters Coins. These coins can be collected and used towards merchandise in our Rewards Store - including Stickers, Bottles, Physical Trading Card Packs + More!

what are the chances of pulling each rarity?

A new set of 10 CardanoMonsters will be produced every 60 days in the following quantities / rarities: 4 x Common Cards (60% Chance, ~15% Chance Per NFT) 3 x Uncommon Cards (32.50% Chance, ~10.8% Chance Per NFT) 1 x Rare Card (5.00% Chance) 1 x Ultra-Rare Card (2.50% Chance) 1 x LEGENDARY Card (0.50% Chance)

Do you lock your policies to ensure rarity?

Absolutely! We mint using a new policy for each new Set of CardanoMonsters and lock the policy permanently once we have ended the sale of a Set / every 60 days.

Can i make suggestions for future cardanomonsters publications?

Yes - in-fact, we encourage it! To Submit Your Idea: 1. Join Our Discord Here 2. Submit your suggestion in the Ideas / Suggestions channel; the best ideas will be approved for voting, go to a vote within our server / on Twitter and ultimately be accepted or declined from there. Please note that by submitting your idea for use you agree that we are not obligated to compensate you should we decide to use it in a future publication. It is important to note that while not obligated, we believe in fair-compensation and will typically work with artists to determine a fair compensation for their work.

what wallet should i use to store my cardano / ada?

our recommendation would be the the yoroi (www.yoroi-wallet.com) or daedalus (www.daedaluswallet.io) wallet - both of which support multi-asset. Please do not send ADA from an exchange as your funds will be lost! If your ADA is currently on an exchange: 1. Create an official cardano wallet in yoroi / daedalus. 2. Send your ADA from the exchange to your dedicated wallet. 3. Use your dedicated wallet for NFT transactions.

What is Your Return & Refund Policy?

To avoid fraud we cannot offer returns / refunds on CardanoMonsters to any address other than the one that initiated your purchase. We gladly accept returns for any of the following reasons: - Your purchase was confirmed on-chain but you did not receive your NFT within 24 hours
If you bought a CardanoMonsters and used an exchange address as your receiving address then it is unfortunately not possible to retrieve your NFT.

Do you offer bulk orders and - if so - is there any benefit or discount?

Sadly, we do not at this time but this will be coming in the very near future.